Spring Jacksonville Pool Service

What a beautiful weekend. A sure sign that Spring is around the corner and swimming pool season is not far behind.   As the temperatures begin to warm, your Jacksonville pool and Orange Park pool will require more attention to keep clean and get the water ready for swimming.  Pollen along the tile at the water line will be noticeable.  Your Diamond Pool service attendant will be busy keeping it scrubbed away.
Not as noticeable will be changes in the water chemistry as the water temperature rises into the 60s and 70s.  The warmer water encourages the growth of algae and other organisms.  Also, warmer water along with the additional UV rays from the sun as the days get longer, depletes and breaks down chlorine.  All this adds up to a greater use of chlorine and other additives to keep the water chemistry in balance during the spring and summer months.

Your service attendant will begin to use more chlorine with each weekly visit.  This will include the use of chlorine tabs in floaters and feeders.  Later in April and May, your attendant will add 5 – 8 pounds of Conditioner, or cyanuric acid, to the water.  This helps the water to retain chlorine making for a cleaner, healthier and more enjoyable swimming experience.  Diamond Pool will charge for Conditioner on the April and May invoices.  The cost per pound is $3.00, less than half the price charged by local pool retailers.

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